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Film and Chemicals

Medical Imaging Film and Chemicals

Meyer’s Imaging Sales and Service Inc. is proud to offer you Quality film by FUJI And Chemicals by White Mountain Imaging. White Mountain Imaging is the leading supplier of quality chemicals for your X RAY Processing needs. We sell a wide variety of film from duplicating film, dry imaging film, and MRI Film. Contact us today for prices and availability.





We offer all sizes and speeds of x ray film.  Call us today for prices and to place an order. You can also request prices and order through our contact form.  Fuji Medical X-Ray film available in Green Sensitive, Full Speed Blue, Half Speed Blue and High Speed Green. 100 sheets per box.






Green (Fuji Super HR-U) X-Ray Film

Substitute for Kodak T-Mat-G & Kodak Ektavision

Super HR-U is a high contrast green sensitive x-ray film for use with green-emitting rare earth screens. The New all-around x-ray film for general applications.

Green (Fuji Super HR-S) X-Ray FilmFilm

Substitute for Kodak T-Mat-L

Super HR-S is a medium contrast x-ray film for use with green-emitting rare earth screens. It is especially designed for easy-to-read details of the particular diagnosis such as the gastrointestinal region and the chest field.

Blue (Fuji Super RX) X-Ray Film

Substitute for Kodak blue film including DF-75 & DF-76

Super RX is a high contrast x-ray film for use with blue-emitting screens. It is well suited for general radiography and provides enhanced contrast and excellent radiographic detail.

Half-Speed Blue (Fuji RX-U) X-Ray Film
RX-U is a half-speed, high contrast ultra-fine grain x-ray film. It has been designed for use with blue-emitting screens and is ideal for situations that require very low noise and blue-tinted radiographic image quality.

Mammography (Fuji UM-MA) X-Ray Film
Fuji UM-MA film is a high speed, high contrast, single emulsion, orthochromatic x-ray film for mammography. It offers extremely high image quality and image consistency when used with a single green emitting mammographic intensifying screen. UM-MA x-ray film is suitable for both 90-second and extended processing cycles.

Duplicating (Fuji MI-DUP) X-Ray Film
MI-DUP duplicating x-ray film provides radiographs that are almost indistinguishable from the originals. This x-ray film has excellent clarity and contrast scale, providing maximum diagnostic value. MI-DUP x-ray film is coated with a blue polyester base.

Laser Dry Imaging Film (Fuji DI-HL)Dryfilm
Daylight Load Packaging – for DryPix 4000 & 5000
Fuji Dry Silver technology with new rapid thermal development capability speeds the delivery of x-ray films with superior image quality and stability. Gradation reproduction is equivalent to conventional silver halide x-ray film. And there’s no chemical or solid waste. DI-HL x-ray film is a daylight loading, blue polyester based x-ray film.

Thermal Dry Imaging Film (Fuji DI-HT)
Daylight Load Packaging – for DryPix 2000
Fuji’s exclusive Micro-Isolating technology delivers the best image quality and stability. Gradation reproduction is equivalent to conventional silver halide x-ray film. DI-HT is a daylight loading, blue polyester based x-ray film.



T2 Developer

Designed to deliver the highest image quality with all brands and types of medical imaging films. The unique 2-part design eliminates both Acetic Acid and uncomplexed aldehydes, which are found in 3-part developer formulations. The convenient Unibottle packaging eliminates handling multiple concentrate bottles, thus eliminating mixing errors. All T2 RP developers deliver Maximum stability, cleanliness and resistance to oxidation.

DevT2 Developer is a premium high activity developer formulated for all general and specialized radiographic films. T2 Developer is a clean working developer with excellent resistance to aerial oxidation, and is unequalled for sensitometric stability.




T2 Fixer

FixerT2 Fixer contains a proprietary surfactant which acts as a chemical blanket to greatly decrease fumes by reducing vapor pressure without compromising drying capacity or sulfite level. T2 Fixer is a clean working formula compatible with in-line electrolytic silver recovery units.




Chemical Automixer

automixerThe IS-199 Chemical Mixer is the ultimate automatic X-Ray chemical mixer. The Specific gravity control, produces a consistent mix each and every time. With over 15 years of proven reliability and more than 20,000 units produced, the IS-199 is the automatic chemical mixer for X-Ray, Graphics and Photo Products.


Specific Gravity Mixing System
Rugged Field Tested Components
24 Volt Operation – No circuit Boards
Audible and Visible Low Level Warning System
Available in 12.5 or 7.5 Gallon Capacity
Easy to Service Design

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